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With increasing pressure on Management and Directors, LA Cali Tech can pave the way to achieving your desired outcomes.

IT and Compliance, not as straight forward as we think

Compliance is important. Yet, it is not always easy to define and implement. Your IT security is directly related to Compliance. Whilst a security program must address threat, it must also serve the legal and compliance requirements of your organization and align with your operating objectives.

At LA Cali Tech we support organizations with the identification, development, implementation and evaluation of IT solutions, strategies, policy and procedures that ensure you achieve your compliance requirements.   From disaster recovery and security to PCI, SOX and HIPAA requirements you are in safe hands with our holistic approach and best practice, multi-layered solutions.

Whether you have an internal IT Department or not, we can help. Explore our range of Compliance services or contact us today for a confidential discussion.


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