IT Helpdesk

Looking for local, personalised IT service and support? We can help!

LA Cali Tech’s Los Angeles based IT Helpdesk team provides quality IT support to businesses throughout SoCal.

Unlike other vendors, our Service Model guarantees that you get committed and specialized support which results in a more customized administration.

Using LA Cali Tech’s expertise, trusted frameworks and ITIL structures, our Helpdesk can track and resolve all your service needs in a timely fashion. This keeps all your requests centralized and guarantees a high standard of administration for you.

Our job is not done until we’ve accomplished your goal of saving time, money and seeing your return on investment by utilizing LA Cali Tech to ensure your business is up and running as we only use best-in-class technology and business processes.

  • Privately owned
  • Los Angeles based
  • Committed, customized support
  • Engineers with industry experience and IT certifications
  • Proactive administration and support
  • 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring
  • Trusted remote support tools available
  • Extensive ticketing system with SLA estimation and administration

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