Stop using Windows Server 2003 right now!

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According to Spiceworks the end of life OS Windows Server 2003 is still alive and running in 53% of the companies around the world. This is shocking statistic given that Microsoft ended Server 2003 support back in July 14, 2015. That is almost 2 years after EOL (end of life) business are still using it. If you are one of these companies you are putting your business in a high cyber security risk and your server is vulnerable to potential attacks. To make matters worse, Microsoft is not releasing any new security patches for Server 2003 to protect your server against these attacks.
The common reason why business decide not to upgrade to new version, IT pros said there was no “immediate need” Not having enough time or the proper budget were also reasons behind the decision.
What do you do? Proactive maintenance is the answer. Don’t wait for an attack before you do something about it. Call LA Cali Tech now to discuss your options and how we can upgrade you from Server 2003 to a newer OS.

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